The University of Bedfordshire is proud to be a globally recognized institution that has received multiple distinctions. It has almost a century of experience offering top-notch education to pupils.

The University of Bedfordshire contains campuses in Bedford and Luton, two major cities north of London. The main campuses of this university are located in the heart of Luton and on the outskirts of Bedford. Additionally, the university offers degrees in nursing and midwifery at its campuses in Buckinghamshire, located in Aylesbury, and Butterfield Park, which is on the outskirts of Luton. The postgraduate business school's fifth campus is Putteridge Bury.

The University of Bedfordshire has a vibrant and diverse student body, with over 20,000 students from over 120 different countries. The faculty at this state-of-the-art school is dedicated to instilling in the pupils the values of being knowledgeable, capable, and creative members of society.

Past Events

Bedford Training College for Teachers was the original name of the University of Bedfordshire when it was founded in 1882. In 1903, it changed its name to Bedford Physical Training College. It became a university in 1993 and became known as the University of Luton. The University of Bedfordshire was founded in 2006 by the merger of the University of Luton and the Bedford campus of De Montfort University.

Ranking and Accomplishments

  • Ranked 132nd in the Times University Guide 2023
  • Placed 121st in the Guardian University Guide 2023
  • In REF 2021, 60% of the University's research and 50% of its impact were recognised to be world-leading or internationally excellent.

University of Bedfordshire faculty

  • University of Bedfordshire Business School
  • Faculty of Creative Arts, Technologies & Science
  • Faculty of Education & Sport
  • Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Dissection of the Charge Schedule

The undergraduate degree will set you back starting at £14,500 annually for international students. Remember that the cost schedule is subject to alter based on the courses and degree program that the student chooses.

Awards for Scholarships

Based on merit and ability, the University of Bedfordshire in the UK provides a large number of scholarships and bursaries.

With more than a century of experience in delivering excellent education to all students, the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom is a top-tier academic institution. Our professionals are available to assist you at every stage of the application process if you would want to submit your application to the University of Bedfordshire.

Facilities and Services

Every campus of the University of Bedfordshire in the UK has a dedicated Student Information Desk (SID). The knowledgeable advisors are available to help you with a variety of problems pertaining to schooling or general student life around-the-clock. Students can easily access round-the-clock support services through the Student Information Desk, which is also accessible online.

In addition, the University of Bedfordshire offers a group of experts that provide guidance and assistance on a range of topics, including:

  • Mental health
  • Disability support
  • Community & faith
  • Finance in UK and budgeting advice
  • Counselling
  • Mitigation
  • Student engagement

The Students' Union (Beds SU), which provides a wide range of student clubs and societies, is another well-known feature of the University of Bedfordshire. Science, culture, religion, the arts, law, dance, history, and the law are among the categories. Every society in Bedfordshire is governed by student committee members who are chosen annually. Bedford boasts a society that caters to everyone's interests, be it making new friends or acquiring new skills.

Sports are very important to Bedfordshire University. One thousand students from the campuses that participate in the British Universities and College Sports (BUCS) league make up their renowned "Bedfordshire Bulls" club. Since the league's establishment in 2012, the BUCS has already won 11 games.

University Life

With 24,000 students from over 100 countries, the University of Bedfordshire takes pleasure in providing an extraordinarily multicultural and diverse environment.

Five campuses make up the University of Bedfordshire:

  1. The Luton campus
  2. Bedford campus
  3. Milton Keynes campus
  4. Aylesbury campus
  5. Putteridge Bury campus

The largest town in Bedfordshire, Luton, provides perfect rural entertainment alternatives for a brief break from studying in UK. Every year, the Luton campus hosts a huge carnival known as the Luton Carnival, which is regarded as one of the largest one-day festivities in the UK. The Bedford campus is next to a beautifully designed riverfront town with lots of parks and green areas. Additionally, the university holds an annual "River Festival" with entertainment both on and off the river.

Throughout the year, Bedford Campus hosts a number of different events that are easily accessible by motorway from the rest of the United Kingdom. Every campus is adjacent to the town center, which provides students with access to a variety of eateries and bars. In addition, students can pass the time by going to the theater, museums, and art galleries in the area.


When it comes to offering top-notch housing, the University of Bedfordshire doesn't cut corners. There is a space reserved for each and every university first-year student. They provide a wide range of suites and on-campus housing alternatives with free Wi-Fi and 24-hour security.

Housing on the Luton Campus

At its Luton Campus, the University of Bedfordshire provides a range of housing alternatives, from modern studio apartments to on-campus student housing. The lodging includes free use of the on-site gym, round-the-clock security, and laundry facilities. Students can also relax and amuse themselves in the games, media, group study area, and common lounge in addition to spending time in the study room.

Bedford Campus lodging

Bedford has a variety of on-campus housing choices, including studio apartments, suites and deluxe rooms, and specially designed student rooms. Students who are looking for less expensive lodging options can stay at the Student Village, which has a few suite rooms in addition to 70 ordinary rooms with common toilets.

The projected cost of living per week is between £129.50 and £169. This includes lodging, meals, and personal expenditures.


One of the largest towns in the UK, Luton, offers a wide variety of cultures. This vibrant, multiethnic community's membership is made up of people from over 140 different countries. Conversely, Bedford is a lovely town on a riverside, bordered by vegetation and situated along a picturesque stretch of the River Great Ouse.

The Milton Keynes campus is situated in the center of the city, near to local amenities and services as well as the primary retail area. Milton Keynes is home to some of the best attractions in the United Kingdom, and the surrounding landscape is breathtaking. The University of Bedfordshire's Aylesbury campus is now housed at Stoke Mandeville Hospital instead of Aylesbury College.