After completing their studies, many students from Europe or other countries think about getting a job. Numerous universities in the UK give students the chance to gain professional experience while working.

Students benefit from putting all of their academic knowledge into practise while gaining practical experience. The following list includes some of the most well-known universities that offer top MBA programmes with placement options in the UK.

Best MBA Programme in the UK

Anglia Ruskin College

The MBA programme Timeframe: two months beginning in September; 24-month January begins

Position: One-Year Integrate

University of Greenwich

International Business MBA programme at the University of Greenwich

Course length: two years

11-month placement Integrated

University of Birmingham

The MBA programme 12 months (12 months plus internship); 16 months

4 month internship placement

College of Greenwich

MBA programme in international business. 2 years at full time, 3 years at part time

Position: One-Year Internship

School of Hertfordshire

A master's degree in business administration 2 and a half years (part-time)

Middlesex College

Course 15 months at full time (3 months of placement). (12 months of placement) two years at full time

Placement: three-month and one-year placement

The MBA with Integrated Placement programme lasts 15 or 24 months.

15 months at full time (3 months) for the programme. (12 months of placement) two years at full time

Placement: three-month and one-year placement

College of Worcester

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme

One full year of instruction.

Location: 6 Months

Course Specifics

The curriculum combines fundamental MBA subjects with some modern strategic management. It is designed to boost students' confidence and help them become more business-savvy. By taking advantage of the advantages from placement years, students can learn both theoretical and practical things. They can gain the necessary practical experience and put it to use in the future to locate more suitable employment. Additionally, they receive a respectable MBA degree.

Requirements for entry

  • Good academic standing in any bachelor's background.
  • Additionally, some schools demand work experience.
  • IELTS, TOEFL, MOI, and other tests with respectable scores with a minimum score of 5.5 in English are also acceptable.

Fee scale

£9,000- £45,000


  • The Chevening Award
  • AMAZING Scholarships
  • Fellowship and Scholarship from Commonwealth
  • Swansea University School of Management MBA Scholarship 2023
  • 2023 Surrey MBA Scholarship
  • MBA Excellence Scholarship 2023 at ULMS Liverpool
  • MBA Scholarships at Glasgow University for 2023
  • MBA Visionary Scholarship at Strathclyde University, 2023
  • MBA Scholarships at Bath University 2023
  • The Anglia Ruskin University provides financial aid.
  • The University of Greenwich provides grants and scholarships.
  • The Birmingham City University offers MBA scholarships.
  • Scholarships are offered by the University of Hertfordshire
  • Middlesex University offers financial aid
  • Scholarships are available for University of Worcester MBA programmes.


The UK MBA graduates have a wide range of employment options worldwide, including in the UK. Graduates have more opportunities to gain experience and then find jobs during their placement years. The best universities maintain strong ties with employers, and well-known alumni members support current students in finding employment. Universities host job fairs and provide networking opportunities for students. These resources help MBA students make confident career decisions.