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Would you like to pursue a study abroad program in the United Kingdom? In Delhi, India, are you trying to find a reliable and accredited student consulting company? We are here to assist you in selecting the ideal course, university, and location for your future professional endeavors.

Without charging you a dime, our specialists will help you choose the top UK universities and programs based on your prior education, your aspirations for the future, and other qualifications. In addition, we will arrange for your housing close to campus and submit the appropriate application to the university on your behalf. Our knowledgeable counselors will also provide you with some creative yet practical ideas for your degree.

Because to its integrity, effectiveness, quick turnaround times, and secure services, AHZ is the greatest and most well-known UK education consultant in Delhi, India. One of the best honest and open consulting firms in the UK is called AHZ.

Our compliance department and knowledgeable counselors are fully committed to assisting overseas students in obtaining the finest admissions at reputable universities.

What gives us strength?

  • We have a 98% customer satisfaction record for our services.
  • Our students receive advice from our qualified UK-graduate counselors.
  • Professionals with university training offer all of our services at no cost to you.
  • As part of our work for UK colleges, we provide unique counseling.
  • Here, in our opinion, is where you can obtain a one-stop shop.
  • We collaborate closely with lodging establishments.
  • Students who want to work can easily find jobs throughout and after their education thanks to the UK Industrial Link.
  • We provide complete services.
  • We are recognized as a top-tier education consulting firm.

We also assist students with their scholarship and visa applications. Additionally, our professionals will meet you at the airport and transport you to your new lodging after you travel in the UK.

Simply make an appointment and visit our office if you would like to speak with our education counselor.

How things are done in operations

The moment you submit your application to us, our team of educational specialists will get to work on it. This is a detailed rundown of the steps we will take to handle your application:

Request a callback from our team

We will use a simple online application form to request your personal information. We completely protect the privacy of your personal information. We would be happy to start processing your information, and we would be very grateful. We may send you information on current and upcoming study options in the UK if you furnish us with your personal information.

Schedule a meeting

Our UK education specialists, who hold graduate degrees from UK universities, can give you insight into UK universities and campus life. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists to find out more, and get the help and encouragement you need to continue your education from Delhi, India, in the UK.

Finding out if you qualify

International applicants must now meet additional requirements set by UK universities. It is imperative that you verify your eligibility with us to prevent being denied. It's not a concern for you to qualify. We will give serious consideration to every piece of information you submit.

 Course and university of choice in the United Kingdom

We have enrolled in more than 140 UK universities for you.  Select the UK university of your choice and the course of your choice. We would also look at the admissions, experience, credentials, funding, and other aspects of the university of your choosing.

Scholarships and financial resources

While studying in the UK may be expensive for Indian nationals, there are several financial options available. All UK universities provide scholarships solely to international students and give them special consideration. Depending on your budget and the available scholarships, we will decide how to handle the financial funds.

Assist both prior to and following departure

When the UK university of your choice accepts you, we will be overjoyed. We recognize that you will, nonetheless, be concerned about housing and a place to reside in a foreign nation. Knowing that your accommodation needs will be met and that we will stay in touch with you when you reach your location allows you to relax.

In Delhi, India, AHZ is the most honorable and trustworthy consultant for UK education.

We are always here for students and treat them like members of our family, which is one of our best qualities. For additional information on how to submit an application right now to the university of your choosing, please contact