Criminology: What is it?

Criminology is the study of criminals and criminal conduct. There is a plethora of knowledge available regarding the criminal justice system, its causes, and remedies for contemporary victimization. Interdisciplinary in nature, criminology incorporates elements of social anthropology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and of course criminal law.


A criminology degree at a UK university will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to and explanation of the criminal justice system, along with a host of transferable skills that can help you pursue a career in a variety of different fields and professions.

A wide range of subjects and modules will be covered in class, including Globalization and Crime, Crime and Punishment in Modern Society, Sociology of Crime and Control, and Criminal Justice in Action. In addition, they will study criminological methods like quantitative analysis, interviewing, and big data analysis.

As part of a hands-on learning exercise, students will analyze mock crime scenes and assess the evidence; guest speakers will include judges, police, and probation officers. Additionally, you can work for local government organizations as an intern or employee.

Why Go to the UK to Study Criminology?

A degree in criminology can help you advance your ability to understand criminal impulses and put them in the context of prevention and regulation.

  • Social science, anthropology, psychology, or sociology-based analyses of the criminal justice system and society.
  • Awareness of criminal justice system inequities and the creation of new issues.
  • the ability to do social research both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Cooperation abilities
  • Proficiency in writing and oral communication
  • It will support your capacity for critical thought and in-depth analysis.
  • Decision-making and information-technology abilities Arrangement and Display
  • Ability to solve problems.

Student Course Modules in Criminology

  • The state of criminal justice
  • Methods of social research
  • A brief introduction to social policy
  • Sociology of Deviance and Crime
  • Crime, society, and transformation
  • Criminal justice debates

International Students' Courses in Criminology in the United Kingdom

Courses for undergraduates

  • BA in Criminology
  • BA in Forensic Studies and Criminology
  • BSc in Criminology and Policing
  • Applied Psychology and Criminology BSc
  • Major in Sociology and Criminology

Postgraduate Programs:

  • MSc in Criminal Justice Policy
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology MSc/LLM
  • Psychology PGDip, MA, MPhil, PhD
  • International Law, Justice, and Safety MSc
  • Doctorate in Sociology, Social Policy, and Criminology

UK's top universities for criminology studies

 University of Loughborough

Gain a thorough understanding of the breadth, nature, and causes of crime, the criminal justice system's response to crime, and the key elements that contribute to offender rehabilitation with a degree in criminology from Loughborough University.

Durham College

Durham University's Criminology course takes a critical look at theories, concepts, and issues related to crime and criminal justice. It also looks at real-world issues that students face.

University of Staffordshire

Students pursuing degrees in criminology at Staffordshire University learn about the causes, effects, and solutions of crime in addition to the theories underlying criminal behavior. If you studied with them, you may choose to specialize in one of their pathways or study criminology more broadly.

Leeds University

This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of crime and how to control it, based on top-notch research from the University of Leeds' Centre for Criminal Justice Studies. You will look into the complex issues of why crime happens, what punishments are appropriate for offenders, and how crime could be avoided.

The Sheffield University

For more than 35 years, the University of Sheffield's School of Law has provided criminology courses. Its faculty members are highly regarded for their commitment to teaching and their innovative

research in a range of criminological subfields, such as victim advocacy, police work, restorative justice, and the factors that influence someone to stop committing crimes.

Leicester University

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminology and Criminal Justice is offered at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. The course covers a variety of subjects, including the criminal justice system, crime and deviance sociology, and the causes of crime. The program integrates aspects of politics, law, psychology, sociology, and law.

Exeter University

The curriculum includes subjects including criminal justice policy, criminological theory, and the sociology of crime and deviance. Graduates of the curriculum can pursue jobs in social work, research, law enforcement, criminal justice, and other relevant professions. Students who complete the course will have a better grasp of the criminal justice system, the nature of crime, its causes, and the varied reactions to criminal behavior.

Pay range for a graduate in criminology in the UK

Graduates of criminology programs could see a range of pay at first. As an entry-level worker in the policy sector, your salary may range from £20,000 to £22,000, and as a senior policy advisor for the government's public safety division, it could reach £46,000.

When you become a police officer and complete the National Graduate Leadership Programme in  the UK, your starting wage might be approximately £26,000. Gaining promotion to sergeant or inspector may result in a pay raise.

Last Remarks

In the UK, criminology offers a dynamic and varied educational program that explores the complexities of criminal conduct and its effects.

The nation is home to many colleges with criminology programs that are internationally acclaimed, cutting-edge facilities, and a variety of cultural viewpoints. For those who want to work in social work, police enforcement, or criminal justice, this makes it the perfect place to be.

With a rich history and ongoing research in the area, the UK provides students a chance to become specialists in the latest criminological theories and methods.