Most universities have very technical course designs, so students should be ready to show their knowledge during their first employment opportunities. The following list includes a few of the computer science courses that are offered in the UK.

Overview of Courses for the MSc in Computer Science

Undergraduates may benefit greatly from the extensive training and practical experience offered by the MSc in Computer Science.

The majority of the UK programmes available are listed below

  • Advanced masters in computer science
  • MSc in Cyber Security
  • MSc in Systems and Cybersecurity
  • MSc in information technology
  • MSc in Advanced Wireless and Telecommunications Engineering
  • MSc in Computer Security
  • Masters in Advanced Computer Networks
  • MSc in computer science
  • Master's in Information Technology Management
  • Masters in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Development of Web and Mobile Applications (MSc)
  • Masters in Computer and Communications Law

Course Specifics

A variety of careers in the field of computer science can be prepared for through the MSc Computer Science programme. Students will learn all aspects of computer programming throughout the course, including SQL, Phython, Java, and others. Additionally, they will be prepared with design expertise and other theoretical knowledge to address the modern, expanding computing industries.

Requirements for entry

  • A bachelor's degree of four years with a minimum GPA of 50%. Some universities will accept a three-year bachelor's degree with a one- or two-year master's degree.
  • English language ability: Minimum IELTS score of 6 (minimum 5.5 in each band). Some universities accept TEOFL, and students can apply by presenting their MOI as well.

Fee scale

22,600 to 42,500 pounds


Many scholarships are available to computer science students from UK universities and the government. Several alluring scholarships include:

Scholarships for Computer Science at City University of London

 Scholarships are offered to highly qualified UK/EU students enrolled in an eligible master's programme at City University of London.

Scholarships at the University of Birmingham

Scholarships in computer science are available for University of Birmingham students studying at all levels in the school.

Scholarships for High Performance (HPC) at the University of Edinburgh

Students at the University of Edinburgh in the UK can apply for merit-based scholarships to study high performance computing (with or without data science).

Postgraduate Scholarships in Computer Science at the University of York

Scholarships awarded to university students from the UK, the EU, and other countries based on merit.

Scholarships for Excellence in Computer Science at UCL

UK/EU offer holders who have a history of outstanding academic achievement may apply for scholarships to study computer science or a closely related field for a master's degree.


Today, one of the most employable fields is computer science. In the contemporary digital world, a higher degree in computer science from the UK is desirable. It provides graduates with excellent employment opportunities, even outside the UK. Students who pursue a master's degree in computer science receive training, new skills, and in-depth subject knowledge. According to a study, someone with a master's degree in this field makes 43,000 GBP annually. Almost every business needs support, regardless of the industry—whether it be IT or software. Employers reward graduates with handsome salaries because they recognise their talent.