• Bangor University offers a large number of UK scholarships together with excellent support for overseas students.
  • The Gold Standard in Teaching Excellent Frameworks was given out by TEF 2017. The Times and Sunday Times League Table 2020 placed the university among the top 15 in the country for teaching quality. WhatUni 2020 placed the university in the Top 25 for Job Prospects in the United Kingdom.
  • According to the National Student Survey 2019, the university was placed among the top 10 in the UK for student satisfaction. According to Totally Money 2019, the university is in the top spot for having the lowest cost of living for students in the United Kingdom. The university was listed in the Guardian University League Table 2020's Top 10 for Teaching Satisfaction in the United Kingdom. WhatUni 2019 placed the university in the Top 5 for Student Satisfaction in the United Kingdom.
  • A number of the university's degrees have been validated by professional associations with a well-established international reputation, assisting students in advancing their careers.

Past Events

In 1884, Bangor, Wales, became the home of Bangor University. The university, which is located in North West London, is home to approximately 2,500 students from more than 100 different nations. Among the oldest academic establishments in the UK is the university. Bangor University has dedicated itself to academic achievement for more than 135 years. They rank among the most esteemed educational establishments in the UK that grant degrees. The university is a great place to study ocean science, as evidenced by its distinctive coastal setting.

But as time went on, the university gained recognition for its other offerings, particularly in the areas of accounting and finance, sports science, and electronics engineering. The institution provides free English language instruction, including business English, grammar, and vocabulary programs, to overseas students. They also provide an English writing guidance service and drop-in workshops for students who need quick support.

There are around 150 groups and clubs at the university. All students have the chance to participate in its groups and clubs because membership is free. Most of the university's degrees allow students to enroll with a placement year or foreign experience to gain valuable employability skills. With a 14% foreign student ratio, the estimated cost of tuition for international students studying in another country ranges from £12,500 to 15,300.

Ranking and Accomplishments

Gold-rated in the Teaching Excellence Framework, 45th in the Times University Guide 2023, and 82nd in the Guardian University Guide 2023

A recent government evaluation based on the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) indicates that eighty-five percent of research at Bangor University is categorized as either internationally good (3*) or world-leading (4*).

Bangor University's Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences is frequently ranked among the greatest in the UK. Prominent sports scientists are looking at vascular health, exercise, mental toughness, peak performance, and nutritional behavior and metabolism. Their work's influence on society has earned them praise.


  • Foundation
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

Dissection of the Charge Schedule

International Students' Fee Range: £12,500–15,300

Facilities and Services

  • A peer guide assists new students in settling in and acclimating to the university.
  • There are private tutors on hand to offer guidance and assistance.
  • They provide one-on-one help, guided writing areas, and more at their Study Skills Center.
  • Drop-ins in math and statistics provide individualized support in numeracy and statistics.
  • Study mentors are able to offer personalized assistance to pupils.

Student Life

Bangor is a reasonably priced university situated between the mountains and the sea. There are plenty of entertainment alternatives for students because to the vibrant nightlife and rich culture. The university features two residential bars, Barlows and Bar Uno, for dining, drinking, and hanging out, as well as the Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre, an art and entertainment venue. Its own nightclub, "Academi," is also available for socializing.

For students who enjoy being outside, the university's perfect location is a great choice because it provides them with access to outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. In addition, the institution plans a variety of day trips, open mic nights, movie evenings, Sunday lunches, and their yearly performance.


There are 3,000 rooms at Bangor University to study in the UK, spread over two campuses for students. All of the housing at Bangor University is self-catered, and each resident also gets a free pass to the gym. In their first year of study, housing at Bangor University is assured to all students.


The majority of university buildings are accessible by foot from both the student residences and the city center. The city's bus service is available for use by students. Direct trains from Crewe, Cardiff, London, and Manchester are available for them to use.

A route near Bangor connects the M6 to the M56, which is the north Wales coast. From Holyhead, students can go to Ireland via ferry service. Bangor is only two hours' train ride from the airports in Manchester and Liverpool. If students wish to go to Cardiff during the week, they can go to the airport in Anglesey.


One of the smallest cities in the UK, Bangor boasts a little over 15,000 residents and a quaintly snug feel. A variety of outdoor activities are ideal in the stunning location between the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia Mountains.

Because of the famed Main Arts Building's elevated location, the university is commonly referred to as "The College on the Hill." Bangor has some of the lowest living expenses of any university town in the UK, which makes it a great choice for students.