Intake: January, September

Mood of Study: Full time

Course Length: BSc (3 years), MSc (1- 2 years)

Fee Range: Up to £25000 on an average (approximately)

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s best and most well-known overseas student destinations. Every year, a large number of international students travel to the United Kingdom to further their studies. Accounting and finance degrees offer excellent graduation opportunities as well as the chance to work in some of the most prestigious corporations and accounting practices. Finance studies help you learn and prepare for a business career while also increasing your business awareness. Financial accountants supply all of the abilities needed by businesses and are in high demand, making accounting a fast-growing career option. Accountancy graduates usually have the skills and knowledge to further their careers in other sectors of business.

Reasons to Study Accounting and Finance

Reasons to pursue a degree in accounting and finance can be found below:

➔   Accounting and finance degrees are good options for anyone interested in joining some of the best graduate training programmes. Joining a well-established firm as a graduate trainee offers a more structured training programme as well as greater opportunities for professional advancement and personal development.

➔   The accounting profession is unlikely to lose favour. Every business needs accountants and finance specialists in order to comply with relevant legislation and business procedures. You just need to stay current on changes in the finance business to ensure that you remain a highly valued and marketable employee.

➔   Accountants are the backbone of any commercial or corporate organization. Graduate accountants can work in any industry or sector because their skills and knowledge are transferable.

International Admission Intake and Tuition Fees

Accounting and finance degrees are available at a number of UK universities, including the BSc and MSc levels. A full-time Bachelor of Accounting and Finance curriculum costs between £18525 and £23079. The tuition expenses for the MSc programme, on the other hand, range from £16000 to £28900 for international students.

Benefits of Studying Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance combine monetary ideas with business and management principles. They encompass a wide range of institutional and organizational reporting, calculation, and assessment activities. Benefits to pursue a degree in accounting and finance can be found below:

  1. Bright Career Path: You will have a variety of professional opportunities after graduating from university with a degree in accounting and finance. You may use your degree to become a chartered accountant, stockbroker, or forensic accountant, or you could follow a completely other road and use it to become a business development manager, data analyst, or mortgage advisor.
  2. Earn Smart Wage: Accounting and finance graduates have the potential to earn high-paying salaries depending on the career path they choose. If you decide to work as a public or private accountant, you can expect to start at roughly £18,000. With further experience and the necessary qualifications, you may make up to £100,000 per year (National Careers Service).
  3. Can Access Every Industry: Choosing a career in accounting and finance means you will have the abilities to work in a field that is always in great demand. Accountants and finance specialists are needed by businesses of all sizes to handle their money. Because accounting and finance degrees are in high demand, you will have many work opportunities.

Career after Studying Accounting and Finance

With a degree in accounting and finance, you will be able to explore a wide range of professional opportunities. Accounting can lead to a variety of jobs, including:

➔   Chartered Accountant: As a chartered accountant, you can work in practically any industry, which means you can combine your profession with something that interests you. You will provide advice, audit accounts, and provide accounting and financial assistance. Typically, you will concentrate on one organization and manage all of its financial needs. As a chartered accountant, you will have numerous options for career advancement and a great earning potential.

➔   Financial Manager: Financial managers are in charge of an organization’s financial health. They create financial reports and devise strategies to assist their firm in meeting its long-term financial objectives.

➔   Financial Advisor: Financial advisors assist their clients in understanding their financial situation and making customized investment decisions. They keep track of their customers’ investments and finances and can advise them on insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement.

UK Universities for Accounting and Finance

  1. Newcastle University
  2. Northumbria University
  3. University of Portsmouth

Finally, accounting and finance professionals perform vital roles in businesses of all kinds and shapes, both in the UK and around the world. This degree is appropriate if you wish to pursue a job in accounting or if you are already professionally certified and want to further your education.