When you first start UK University, you’ll definitely notice a number of commercials for “Freshers Week” or “Freshers.” Sorry, freshers aren’t a type of mint. “Fresher” is short for “freshman,” which is another way of saying “first-year university student.” Additionally, Freshers Week is the opening week of the academic year. The first week of classes is packed with events and activities designed to help new students make friends, feel at home in their new surroundings, and have a good time.

While there are still certain restrictions on in-person events as a result of COVID-19 in 2018, Fresher Week UK has undergone considerable changes. It is hoped that everything will return to normal in 2022 or 2023. Following are some of the things that new graduates absolutely must do:

➔ Registration: You’ll frequently have a few appointments scheduled during university fresher week, such as introductory meetings with your department, a tour of the students’ union, and orientations with the library, the careers office, and your housing provider. Before COVID, all of these would have taken place in person, but now it’s feasible that some of them might occur online.

The most significant event in your welcome week itinerary will be registration. By a certain date, you must complete the registration process; failing to do so could result in fees. Additionally, since you won’t have to worry about lectures during that time, use your welcome week to complete other practical tasks.

➔ Freshers’ Fair in the Campus: Freebies may come to mind when thinking of freshers of the year fairs during the first week of classes, but these events have more to offer than just freebies. At your university’s freshmen’s fair, you can explore new interests and sign up for fresh experiences. However, organizations have begun to see the benefits of virtual events during the past year, so don’t be surprised if your university decides to have its freshmen fair online this year as well.

Visit the websites of your university and students’ association for more information on how your freshmen fair is being organized. Just keep in mind that you are only signing up to learn more about the society’s activities by enrolling during freshmen week; you are not required to continue being a member.

➔ Night Stay in the UK: When asked what their favorite aspect of freshmen week 2022 is, the majority of students would say the nightlife. Now that bars, clubs, and pubs have reopened, freshmen in 2021 can enjoy the usual student nights out, including foam parties, silent discos, theme nights, and pub crawls. Keep in mind that you might need to provide documentation of a negative COVID test in order to enter certain venues and activities. Due to its drinking culture, university freshers week used to have a reputation for being rather exclusive to the reserved or abstainers.

➔ Manage Your Expenses: The topic of money is really important. Plan independently because you and your friends probably have different spending caps and limitations. Make sure to finish the time-consuming (but essential) tasks before moving on to the pleasant and exciting activities that will be on your mind.

➔ Try to Know Your University Campus: Since there won’t be much going on during your first week of classes, now is a good time to start exploring the campus and making plans, like joining the library. Discover the locations of your classes while you still have time on campus to avoid getting lost when your classes start.

➔ Know the Town You’ll Live: In your first week of university you must discover the town or city you will be residing in. Find out how the public transportation operates, the locations of the shops and other services, and whether there are any supermarkets or eateries where you can choose foods you enjoy eating!

In the end, remember that this one week doesn’t have to define the rest of your college career if you’re having trouble making friends or fitting in during freshmen week. As you get to know your classmates and establish a rhythm after the first day of class, things normally get easier.