Newcastle College is located in the city's downtown area. Life at Newcastle College is a fantastic journey that provides students with a fantastic student experience as well as industrial skills in a real-world setting. Newcastle offers multi-million pound world-class facilities for student wellbeing, which aid in the development of self-worth and personal development. As a result, the college has been named the country's greatest student city. Newcastle is known for its welcoming atmosphere, retail practises, delectable eateries, and award-winning culture. Furthermore, Newcastle College graduates are in high demand. They don't need to look for work because employers are looking for them.

Rankings and Achievements:

Newcastle College wins the 2018 Queen’s Anniversary Prize In 2019, The Newcastle college got number One Ranked Student City (The Student Hut)


Rutherford Grammar School was founded before Rutherford Memorial College (1894-1945). Then, in 1962, the 'College of Further Education' and 'The Charles Trevelyan Technical College' were established. The two colleges re-united in 1972 and were given the name Newcastle College. Carole Kitchin was appointed as the college's new Principal in 2013. Newcastle College is an important part of NCG (previously Newcastle College Group), England's largest education, training, and employment company. This is a £155 million transaction.


Newcastle College offers almost 70 different degree programmes. Several courses are available in a variety of intriguing topic areas, ranging from business to beauty, sports to automotives. The training lasts one day and ten weeks and will assist you in travelling to a new sector with enthusiasm. Newcastle students have the option of choosing any discipline based on their preferences and eligibility. The following are the faculties:

  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Automotive, Business, Aviation
  • Faculty of Computing, Digital arts
  • Faculty of Science, Health, and Care
  • Faculty of Engineering, Law, Sport, Childcare
  • Faculty of Travel and Tourism.

Breakdown of fee structure

The International tuition fee is £9,000- £25,725 annually.


Almost £1000 Cash Bursary is available.

Facilities and Services

The exceptional amenities at Newcastle College attract around 16,000 students. Many free short courses are available to anyone who are willing to work and wish to improve their skills. The instructors are incredibly inspiring and pass on their industry knowledge to the pupils. The Chef's Academy, which was awarded an AA College Rosette Restaurant, is located on campus. As a result, there is a Sports Injury Clinic, over 40 different face or body treatments, and high-tech music facilities. The Students' Union organises a variety of programmes and events (SU). They are in charge of the Fresher's obligations till the end of the year awards ceremonies. In terms of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, or disability, there is no discrimination. Furthermore, SU cops are always quite fair.

Student Life

Newcastle College has a diverse student body with more than 50 countries represented. Students become a part of this vibrant community and have the opportunity to spend their time doing things they enjoy. People come from all over the world to create lifetime acquaintances here. As a result, individuals can live a life where they can study just a stone's throw away, develop independence, and receive award-winning support. The Student Fellowship Program makes it possible to pursue higher education. Students are led to the institution's future orientation by the quality of their learning experience. All year long, the Newcastle support teams provide services such as study assistance, financial counseling, and course advice.

Living Accommodation

Newcastle College is the only college in the United Kingdom to have been awarded an AA College Rosette. At The Chefs' Academy and Bistro, students may eat fresh, tasty, seasonal fruit. The on-campus dining option is provided in the restaurant, which is unusual in London. As a result, having an on-campus restaurant allows students to improve their professional skills. Aside from that, the campuses have a variety of nice rooms. There is a 200-seat theatre nearby, as well as hair salons and professional restaurants.


The transportation links are well-developed, allowing students from Newcastle to quickly travel from one location to another. Newcastle Central Station is within walking distance. As a result, Newcastle Upon Tyne has public transportation. College students have access to buses, subways, and trains.